Paperback: 480 pages
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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1844264572
ISBN-13: 978-1844264575


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A thrilling adventure novel set in Scotland and Spain

Book Description:

A Scottish electronics tycoon receives a demand from the mysterious Ancient Order of Moridura to deliver his friend, a young scientist, to a remote monastery in Spain, or face death.
Alistair Mackinnon, accompanied by his colleague Corr and the enigmatic Dr. Blade, sets out for the forbidding monastery of Moridura on the rocky perimeter of a meteor crater in Extremadura.

What is the terrible secret of the monks of Moridura, and their alter egos, the hermandad, a secret brotherhood?

What truth lies behind the legend of an ancient entity in the depths of the monastery?

Why is the American defence industry so interested in Doctor Blade's discovery?

The exploration of the complex motivations and emotions of its diverse and vital characters, including the strange young monk, Mateo, theinnkeeper, Manuel Ortega, the American industrialist, Red Lonnen and the aristocratic Ferdinand of Moridanza, and the dynamic between secular and spiritual objectives, violence and negotiation, are combined in a riveting action thriller with a unique dénouement.

What are its readers saying about this book?


“I wouldn’t normally read this kind of book, but once I had started it, I was drawn in to its fascinating world and couldn’t put it down--“

“It is a real page-turner--“

“The early chapters demand a lot of intense concentration, but then the pace and excitement build inexorably---“

“What a pleasure to find a really powerful modern heroine, a real 21st century woman!--"

The Author: Peter Curran
Peter Curran was born in Glasgow, Scotland: he now lives near Edinburgh.

Can gravity and gravitational waves really be the theme for a novel?

The existence of gravitational waves was predicted in Einstein’s theory of relativity early in the 20th century, but controversy has raged in the scientific community ever since about their nature and how they might be detected. The benefits to mankind of a true understanding of gravity, and the capacity to manipulate and control the waves will be incalculable.

Peter Curran’s new novel, ‘The Ancient Order of Moridura’ is widely available online and from bookshops, and is beginning to make its impact right now.

The book, within its core plot of the discovery of the source of gravitational waves, explores themes of negotiation versus violence, and the responses of a religious order (an isolated order of monks following the Benedictine Rule in Spain) to secular pressures and the march of technology.

In addition, the book has many musical and film references, a strong love interest and a fair amount of humour. Within its diverse cast of characters, it has two unique heroines, one arguably the most unusual in contemporary fiction.

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